Care of Jewelry and Pearls

Care of pearls:

Pearls are delicate and need to breath and have light. Do not store in sealed plastic or opaque bags. The rule of thumb for pearl jewelry is, put your pearls on last before going out, take them off first when you come home at the end of your day. Pearls should be cleaned only with mild soap and water and dried with a soft cloth. Silver can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. Please do not wear pearls to do your everyday house cleaning, gardening and other chores to maintain the beauty of your pearl, please remove before using any chemicals.

I include with every silver purchase an anti tarnish strip to store with your jewelry to prevent tarnishing, and a white polishing pad to remove tarnish from your silver pendants and earrings. Please do not use harsh silver cleaning agents like Tarnex on your fine jewelry. thank you!