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Carved pearl flower bud earrings in fine silver with pastel sapphires

Carved pearl flower bud earrings in fine silver with pastel sapphires

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Beautifully carved white freshwater pearls feature in my newest collection, Exotic flower bud earrings. These super lustrous pearls are topped with handmade recycled fine silver flower caps, and are suspended from floral post earrings set with pink and yellow sapphires. I made the flower caps with layered flower shapes. The floral posts are made by pressing the silver into antique bronze molds from India. I then set the sapphires, fired them, then soldered the sterling silver posts on. I gave all of the silver an antique patina, then polished them up to a satin finish. Truly unique, one of a kind earrings.

These earrings are 37 mm x 12 mm, or 1 1/2 inches long

A note on precious metal clay:                                                                                       ArtClay silver is a recycled product that consists of fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder. The clay can be worked like other forms of clay, sculpted to almost any shape you desire. The product is then fired at an extremely high temperature, either by kiln or torch. The binder burns away resulting in a pure silver (.999) piece. The silver is reclaimed from such sources as 35mm film and medical and industrial leftovers. No strip mining necessary.

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