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Gold South Sea pearl earrings with orange sapphire in fine silver

Gold South Sea pearl earrings with orange sapphire in fine silver

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The rich gold luster on these South Sea saltwater pearls is complimented by fine silver tassels set with pear shaped faceted orange sapphires. I created the tassels by pressing fine silver into an antique Indian mold, then set the natural sapphires in place. The pearls are topped with orange sapphire roundels. I completed the earrings with sterling silver lever back ear wires.

These earrings measure 51mm x 11 mm, or 2 inches long. The pearls are 11.5 mm x 11 mm.

A note on precious metal clay:                                                                                             ArtClay silver is a recycled product that consists of fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder. The clay can be worked like other forms of clay, sculpted to almost any shape you desire. The product is then fired at an extremely high temperature, either by kiln or torch. The binder burns away resulting in a pure silver (.999) piece. The silver is reclaimed from such sources as 35mm film and medical and industrial leftovers. No strip mining necessary.

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